Terms and Conditions

By authorizing the participant to attend Cadaba, the parent/guardian agrees to the following listed terms and conditions:

  1. Registration Information: The information we collect is confidential and only used for emergency and information purposes, We respect the privacy of our campers and do not sell any information to third parties.

  2. Student Emergencies: Upon registration, we ask that you provide us with all pertinent and noteworthy information regarding your child. In doing so, you will help Cadaba understand their needs, challenges, allergies etc. We also firmly request the parent/guardian provides us with information for least one emergency contact person.

  3. Participation: You agree that the named registrant is physically sound and readily able and ready to participate in all of the activities, which may includes games and computer instruction. In addition, you know of no restrictions, physical impairments, or any other factors, which in any manner may impact his/her participation in our coding camp. If you feel that your child shouldn't participate, in a particular activity, you must inform Cadaba with the details. Otherwise, it is understood, that unless otherwise specified, the participant has permission to participate fully in Cadaba and in all camp-related activities.

  4. Registrant Pick-Up: Participants are expected to be picked up by 4:30 pm latest each day. No supervision or aftercare will be provided under any circumstances, past that time.

  5. Dismissal: Cadaba reserves the right to dismiss any camper from the coding camp program if their actions or attitudes are deemed offensive or unacceptable to the entirety of the camp. The dismissal can occur at any point in time with just cause and without any prior warning. If a dismissal occurs there will be no refunds issued whatsoever. Unacceptable behaviours include, but are not limited to drug/alcohol//use; downloading and/or viewing pornography or any inappropriate material on the internet; inappropriate language (swearing, racial slurs); physical violence or threats of physical violence against other participant or camp counsellors; damage to the facilities or the camp's equipment, stealing property of others; inappropriate use of equipment. Please note that the registrant/attendee (and therefore the parent/guardian) is solely responsible for any personal items brought to camp.

  6. Payment, Cancellation & Refund Policy: All financial transactions related to camp fees are made in Canadian dollars plus HST. 90% fee refunded when you cancel more than a month before program start date. 50% fee refunded when when you cancel between 1-4 weeks before program start date. No refund for cancellations within a week before program start date. No refund or partial payment will be given or returned for dismissal due to disciplinary action, late arrival, or early departure. No refunds will be issued for the following reasons: power failures, weather, and unforeseeable events not within the control of Cadaba or other acts of nature. If participants leave camp early for ANY reason, the tuition is NOT prorated and no refund will be issued, including partial refunds.

  7. Media Release: You hereby grant and authorize Cadaba, and all of it's staff and associates to make use of, license or assign the use of the participant’s image, appearance, likeness, voice and/or photograph, and other reproductions of any of these, in still photographs, videos, publications, audio, sound recordings, web sites, electronic and other media (hereinafter all of which are included in the term “Material”). This will be done, however without mention of the participant’s name. You understand and agree that you are to receive no compensation of any kind, monetary or otherwise, on account of or arising from the production, publication, recording, or other use of such Material. Cadaba has complete rights and ownership of such Material to be published and used and Cadaba has the exclusive right to use the material license to make such use of that Material as it wishes.

  8. Lost, Damaged or Stolen Property: Each participant is responsible for their own personal property while at camp. We are not responsible for any object or personal belongings that are lost or damaged by casualty, theft, etc. You agree as a parent/guardian to accept full responsibility, financially or otherwise, for the conduct of your participant—including damage to equipment or facilities. Cadaba is not required or expected to protect its participant from theft or damage to property. You agree to not hold us as a camp responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal items brought to camp. If any theft of or damage to participant’s property should occur at camp, or in association with the camp, you agree that Cadaba is not responsible whatsoever.